An artist who likes to draw cute and sexy girls.
A game developer who likes making small experimental jam projects and indie titles.
An animator who does both 2D and 3D animation.
Lover of anime, heavy metal and video games.

Shahar Korren @BrainDigger

Age 36, Male

Student animator



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BrainDigger's News

Posted by BrainDigger - February 21st, 2023

Newgrounds is really cool, but besides the one time my drawing was featured, I'm barely getting any engagement on my uploads. I'm already maintaining around 8 social network pages so taking one off the upload routine will make my life easier. So yeah, as the title said I'm considering no longer uploading my drawings on here.

I may still use Newgrounds to host other projects like animation or games, but there are other bigger sites that do that as well... So I'll really have to think it through.

It's nice that NG is the only site that allows uploading all three things - drawings, animation and games, but if I'm invisible here than it's no good. And the site's design isn't very suitable to use as a portfolio page to show to potential employees either.

Consider following my other socials if you like what I do.



Posted by BrainDigger - August 24th, 2020


So my latest drawing somehow got front paged and now I have around 30 new fans here!

I'm so excited by this!

Thank you everyone and welcome all new fans!



Posted by BrainDigger - February 10th, 2020

So I have three weeks off from studies.

I'm currently studying 3D animation in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and my yearly project is a video game where two fox-children are home alone and bored. It's a two player game where the players can either play nice together or beat the crap out of each other.

During my brake, I hope to draw a bit and upload my works and possibly upload GIFs of the character model's turntable and screenshots of the stages' models from my yearly project. Hopefully, the game will have the option to run in a browser and then I could upload it here once it's done. Chances are I won't be so lucky.


Posted by BrainDigger - December 13th, 2018

I wanted to say something sooner but I couldn't get the text editor to work on the mobile interface. Here's hoping that with the site's new growth, funds will also improve and we'll have an official mobile app soon enough.

So yeah, I originally launched this account to share my Global Game Jam projects but I heard the art portal was geting popular due to Tumblr's suicide so I joined the wave.

I like it here. It feels very welcome.

Thank you all for having me, hoping we'll all have a good time enjoying art here on Newgrounds.