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That is indeed something cute! Good going!

This looks fantastic! Like a panel from a manga.

Great interpretation of the classic character. Truely charming.

Transitioning through the eye is genius at work.

I yelled "wow" when I saw this.

That's some pretty good practice. There are some pretty difficult poses in there and you seemed to have nailed it.

There are a few moments where it's a little floaty and there aren't that many drawings in there but it really looks solid. The character's size, proportions and design seem to be working consistently and that secondary motion is to die for.

Was the whole thing done in one layer or are there more hidden rough layers underneath?
Also, the lines don't look like vectors... I'm guessing... Clip Studio Paint?

SpicyBardo responds:

Hey! good eye! it is Clip studio paint.
Also, huge thank you for the review and kind words really appreciate it.

I purposely make it a little floaty fo make all the spin and the gun to fire, so you can see it. Also i messed up a little bit on not doing her jumping higher.

Haha! That's a brilliant concept! I think a better title would be "Sandworm Jim".
The brush strokes are a bit sketchy and rough but the pose, camera angle and overall dynamic feel of the piece just make this incredibly appealing.

You have built curiosity within me. I'd love to see where this goes.

Oh my! That's so adorable and so badass at the same time! I love it.
If i went by your booth at a con and saw this, I'd probably buy it.

HugoVRB responds:

Thank you Brain!! Been selling a few of these on some cons!

I'm a total sucker for spider Gwen. This looks great. I really like the body proportions in this drawing. The textures in the background are cool too.

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