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Wow! Everything from the concept, through the style to the perspective if amazing about this piece!
I love all the little references sprinkled all around.

EDIT: Aaaand now it's my wallpaper.

Amazing! I love Blasphemous! This is definitely a worthy tribute.

She's adorable and your line work is beautiful!
Love the fact that there's a heart shaped highlight on the tail of her hat.

1. This is amazing! The art, colors and composition are just perfect.
2. Are you okay with uploading the full, high quality image for free here? I mean, anyone can download it and print it at their local print shop for the price of paper and toner.
3. Your follower count is criminally low and I hope it will rise soon.

Excellent drawing of Michiru!
You've made her really cute. I love that pose and the clean line work and colors are awesome.

Genius! That's an anime crossover I never thought I needed.

Fantastic! I love how it's both cute and incredibly morbid. I even love the painting within the painting.

I've randomly stumbled across your art when clicking the thumbnail at the bottom of the page and I'm blown away by your art style.

I'm not very active on here nor on DeviantArt and I was a little let down when I saw that your Instagram has 0 posts.

A bit of a common anatomical mistake - drawing the farther eye shorter than the closer one. There should be a difference in width, but not in height.

There are other things, but I don't want to bother you with too much criticism.

The composition and line style is good. It seems like you've taken the time to study many references.

I love how melty it is at the front... like the heat is melting the bottom of it’s mouth. Awesome!

Cute little guy.
I like the texture in the back.

An artist who likes to draw cute and sexy girls.
A game developer who likes making small experimental jam projects and indie titles.
An animator who does both 2D and 3D animation.
Lover of anime, heavy metal and video games.

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